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Default To do Smart PIN by phone you need balance of P22.5 - 02-08-2017, 01:51

Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
I am a resident of California.
Since 2009 I have had a Smart Buddy SIM card that I have used Aryty for topups. It has never occurred to me to price shop my top ups.
Until today. Any suggestions that will have no or minimal surcharge built into the top up?
I just visited Smart's website and they seem not to accept foreign credit cards.

Forgot about this post.
I wanted to top up last night and my usual provider [Aryty] did not seem to show any top ups for Smart. I sent an email and they said Smart was having issues and that until they were resolved they would not show or sell any Smart top ups to save themselves and their customers problems.

I decided to use CallingMart which I use for some other top ups.
I first bought a PIN and in the email and receipt they sent they [CallingMart] said you needed a balance of P22.5 to do a PIN via the phone as an SMS. I only had P10. So I bought a CallingMart epin for Smart and it applied immediately.
Before applying the epin when I attempted to send the PIN number to Smart it would not send. After the epin the PIN did send. Unfortunately, it did not 'take'.
I called Smart and they said there was no way I could apply the PIN on the website. Nor via the CS woman.
This morning I switched the network the SIM was on from AT&T to T-Mobile and sent the PIN again.

This did not 'take' either.
Later I called CallingMart and the CS woman was in the Philippines of all places. She said they will contact Smart and either get me credited or refunded. She said they will contact me when the issue is resolved one way or the other. That is where I am at now. The CS woman was most pleasant to deal with.
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