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Originally Posted by StanleyR View Post
I think you forgot teh original roaming SIM provider GT. 60% of what you listed is a subagent of CallKey. CallKey was build by GT back in 2005.

09 is not an actual real roaming solution as they piggybag on Swisscom.
The others with the exception of UM which is probably the most expensive product on the market do try to work out someing on Mini MvNOs over the new Manx policy. However most of them do terminate over the Manx PSTN trucking, so they are actually only a reseller.

The gang of CK does the same, too.


GTsim is already mentioned and discussed elsewhere on this forum.

This thread is not an official statement by anyone here, nor an invitation for providers to post inaccurate and misleading propaganda about their commercial rivals.

In fact the OP's list is quite clearly found from a roaming SIM comparison site. If you wanted your company to appear on that site, perhaps you should have considered communicating with its authors directly, and negotiating your way through their rather parasitic and perhaps not all that independent payment terms.

Given your apparent involvement in this field, readers might assume that you ought to know about it in a bit more detail than the content of your post.

There were other roaming SIMs around before the advent of these IoM based ones: people might think an old Swisscom product and United Mobile and Hop were a bit earlier.

60% of that list are not resellers of Callkey; the majority are based on SIMs domiciled in Estonia, Iceland, a different network in the Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein and Israel. That's a few independent providers that your sweeping generalisation discounts rather too easily.

And more bullshit: if your company was actually behind the launch of Callkey, and financially involved rather than just resellers of it, then you might have helped rescue it when it had problems, rather than slagging it off. Oddly, despite your marketing claims to have over 800,000 roaming SIMs in operation, I understand the number of IoM SIMs you made arrangements to replace was a smaller number.

I'm referring your conduct to the admin of this site, so he can make a decision as to what extent he wants a turf war conducted on here. Meanwhile I've temporarily deleted a couple of your other posts, which are nothing more than spam.

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