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Originally Posted by Effendi View Post
I fear you cannot buy a COOP Voce simcard if you are not a COOP member.
Now when I'm back it's time for some updates

I got two COOP Voce SIMs (one for internet and one for telephony). In first COOP where I went the computer network was down, I got it in the second one but it took over half an hour to process the paperwork. Nevermind, the bottom line is that you don't have to be a COOP member and it is possible to get their SIM using only a foreign ID and a fiscal code generated with

The SIM itself cost nothing, the 5€ you pay at the counter you can use for telephony. TIM network has much better coverage in Val di Fassa than WIND, i got HSDPA everywhere and the internet worked very snappy. I got 30 hours of it for 8€ billed per second, which was more than enough. There was also a promotion for calling abroad - a call to Polish mobile cost 10c.

I encountered some more problems though - first of all - the number for topping up the account which is written on the scratch card is obsolete - instead of 42888 you have to dial 4342888. Second problem is that it is very troublesome to change the service language - the option is buried deep down in the voice menu, which of course is in Italian. But i managed

The last and the most important problem - I tried and I tried, but I had no idea how to deactivate the Internet monthly service. So now I'm in Poland and it is still active - well, so it mean that I have another SIM card that I can't use next year. But overall I was happy with the COOP experience

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