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Default Questionas about old WIND Sim - 09-02-2011, 00:23

Hi guys

I have an almost-year-old WIND SIM card. It seems like I'll go skiing to Italy next week, so I dug it out and dusted off I have some questions about it:

1) I've put it in the phone. It logged to the Polish network, *123# says that I have 0€ of credit on it. It means that it's still active, amirite? Is there any way to check its expiration date?

2) Last year I had Mega Ore 50 active on it. I didn't deactivate it when I left Italy - I hope that when I top up my account it won't suddenly charge me for 12 month of unused Mega Ore?

3) There is an activation fee of 4€ when you want to switch an service on. However, I didn't deactivate my Mega Ore, so it should be active as soon as I top the account up, right? No need to send any SMSes and I save 4€?

4) I've lost all the papers apart from the SIM card (I have the PIN written on it) and I don't know my WIND phone number. Could the 10-digit number starting with 320 which is printed on the SIM be my phone number?
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