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Are you familiar with:
Jasper Wireless Global Service Platform for Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Embedded Mobile, Embedded Wireless and Connected Devices ??

I know a user had a SIM from them but could not use it because he was not data oriented. It is not clear that they can help you, but it would seem that due diligence would encourage you to figure out if they could.

Originally Posted by JPJ View Post
I am looking for help on the following subject:

I am looking for companies that will provide data service in Mexico that will be transmitted to the US. We will be using SIM cards, but not the actual cell phone. We are only concerned about data, not voice. The cell modem we will be using runs on a GSM platform and we need to know what the costs will be for the GPRS(general packet radio service). GPRS data rates usually come in bundles/packets of say 5Mega bits of data or something like that for a fixed price. If these companies have a rate sheet, that would be good to see, as well as "packages" where we can put several phones/modems into a pool and then use the data out of the pool.

I don't know if there are different rates for M2M "machine to machine" rates as there won't be any voice on our system, just data being transmitted.

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