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Originally Posted by JPJ View Post
I am looking for companies that will provide data service in Mexico that will be transmitted to the US. We will be using SIM cards, but not the actual cell phone. We are only concerned about data, not voice. The cell modem we will be using runs on a GSM platform
Telcel Amigo looks a good fit, the rates are at:
Telcel: Internet Telcel Amigo
(click on Paquetes).

Their "Amigo Internet Telcel Correo 150MB" rate is designed mainly for email but might also suit automated applications like truck trackers.

So that's 150MB (GPRS or 3G) over 30 days for 149 pesos (142.58 pesos in border area price, around US$12).

The service can be activated by SMS from the number, or online via the customer portal.

For even lower data volumes, there's the pay-by-kB option: all Telcel Amigo accounts should come with this activated. 0.02 pesos/kB (20 pesos/MB) until you reach 49 pesos within 30 days, then each additional MB for the following 30 days are 1 peso (US 9c) each. Details: same link as above, click on "Por Demanda".

If you are planning to activate a lot of sims, remember each one has to be registered with the government in the name of a physical person, and I think there's a limit of how many can be registered by one person.

The only other option for GPRS in Mexico is Movistar, they probably have similar rates but often a bit less coverage. Both companies are GSM 1900 (like the US).

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