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Default Telcel Amigo Mexico prepaid data rates reduced - 24-11-2009, 03:25

Telcel Amigo in Mexico have reduced the price of their 30-day "unlimited" data bundles:
Banda Ancha Telcel (in Spanish).

It's now only 499 pesos ($38.) a month, and 477 pesos ($36) in border areas (lower VAT).

Good timing really as 3G was switched on at my local base station just last week! I get up to 1.5Mbp/s download at really offpeak times, dropping to a dismal 200kbps mid-evening. But even that's better than what I had before, so I now have a Sierra 881U USB dongle connected to a Linux netbook connected to a router to send the wi-fi around the house (and I'll be getting a mobile router to replace that lash-up later).

The 3GB fair access policy is going to be the killer, I'll probably exceed it, but all that happens then is the speed drops till the end of the 30 days, won't be charged any overages.
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