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It depends on how much data you need.
But I think getting 2 different cards will be cheaper. With vodafone NL it seems that you will be paying 2 euro per day and then you can use 20 MB every day in Belgium.
Within the Netherlands you can either pay 4,75 euro for 250 MB or 7,25 for 1 GB (both valid for 1 month)

For euro 4,50 you can get the "buurlanden blox" which allows you to call in Germany and Belgium at the same costs as in the Netherlands. So receiving calls will be free and calling will be 0,25 euro /minute. It doesn't change the price for data.

If you get a Base Belgium card you can get 50 mb for 5 euro or 500 for 10 euro (both valid for 30 days)
Do note however that Base has just started to roll out their 3g coverage. So depending on where you will be going you might only have EDGE.

BTW: the Mcdonnalds has free wifi, at least in the Netherlands. That might be use full as well.

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