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Originally Posted by eurouser View Post
Got my LIDL PIN and it is working. If I read the tariff correctly I will pay 0,28 €/Min. (30s/1s) to make calls to Germany and 1,29 €/Min. (60s/10s) to call the USA from Belgium. I think it is 0,08 €/Min. (1s/1s) to receive calls from anywhere while in Belgium. Probably cheaper than getting a Belgian SIM for one week. Obviously, calls to the USA from Belgium would be too expensive to use this SIM for. Just curious, what would be the best option for a SIM from Belgium in this circumstance?
Your best bet for calling back to US in my opinion would be the Piranha Mobile Sim, cost around 15 cents per minute to call back to US, and you get a free local US based number. There are many on market to chose from (too many to list) but very few that give you free local US numbers. You also get the added bonus of VoIP so incoming calls when connected are free and calling back to US is around 2 cents per minute.
hope this helps.
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