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Originally Posted by 90180360 View Post

I'll be in Budapest from September for at least 4 months.
I'll use a regular phone, a dongle and maybe a smart phone.
Actually I wouldn't mind post-paid either, as long as there is no loyalty.
What do you think of those offers? Anyone with hands-on experience?
Lots of options. I do not think postpaid is reasonable if you are just staying for 4 months, but who knows. I would not recommend it without a Hungarian company, good local friends or relatives... Getting rid of a subscription is not easy either, even if not bound by loyalty.

From what you are saying, it looks you need at least two cards: one for your (smart)phone and one for the dongle.

I suppose that something like 50-100 MB/month should be enough for the phone, while you definitely need a couple of gigabytes for your dongle. Can you make a rough guess at the amount you use the net? And what for? Do you want all traffic on 3G or just when on the go? Is there no internet at your apartment / office /school?

Write back here, or drop me a message, we sure can find some options for you.

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