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more help needed!!

i am in rome now and while i successfully obtained a SIM and usb key, the person at the shop (Negozia Tre at via Candia) wasn't really helpful and refused to check the plan with me after all its activated, and asked me to go home and check online instead.

When i finally go online... it seems prepaid sim (supposedly included euro only had 5, and the 5 is not accessible. the internet key is subscribed "naviga 3 time" instead of "naviga 3", and because during installation, my computer crashed, so it didn't log off, and used up all my hours....

in any case, reading the website again, i am confused as to which data plan can be used with " abroad as home in Austria.". I will be in Austria in a few days and would really want to know how to do this!!

All'estero come a casa

before my departure the T&C said Naviga 3 (not Naviga 3 time) will be ok for abroad as home, now it seems "super" plan (not sure which one) will be ok.

But then there's additional charges per MB. and some changes from July 1, 2011. I used google translate to try and figure out the details but it's really quite contradictory.

Can someone (Effendi?) kindly review the above pages for me and let me know what's the latest information? I see a lot of people bought SIM to use for ipad and continue to use them in UK with no extra charges or issues, but that was prior July 1.

Thanks again for your help!!
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