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Default Help With a Lebara SIM - 18-07-2015, 15:56

I bought a SIM on eBay. It came from the seller activated.

The network is showing as Bouygues Telecom. I'm picking up T-Mobile Lebara in the US. (I have international data roaming off so I don't eat up balance on account.)


Will I need to change any of these settings manually to have internet access in France.

Finally, the seller sent me log-in infor so I could access the account online. She told me I could change the e-mail and password, which I did, but I haven't been able to access it since. The screen says they are experiencing technical difficulties, but this has been going on for days. I tried sending a message to Lebara via Facebook. They won't help unless I answer certain security questions, I've e-mailed the seller but she is no longer responding.
Any suggestions? I'm thinking that the best thing is just to forget about the online account.

FYI, I was even able to top up from the US as a guest user and paid via my PayPal account.

Any help would be appreciated.


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