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Default need an advice: which SIM card to replace a "dead" UM? - 12-08-2010, 12:27

Hello to everyone,

I need an advice from you: UM has closed and now the sim is no more running.

I'd like to replace it with another prepaid card. I don't travel so often and If i do that I stay allways in Europe but I was using the UM card to call my friends who lives in USA and Europe and to receive calls from them.

Since I have to change company, let's see if there's one that can meet my needs:

Basic needs:

- Free incoming calls in Italy and EU
- No expiration date.
- Reasonable fees for outgoing call (main destinations are EU and North America, but if they are cheaper also in other countries it's not disliked)

I'd like if (but is not essential):

- The company will not go out of business in a week
- The card will offer a reasonable data plan, I've a smartphone with gprs and an HSDPA modem for the notebook

I've already a Travelsim (Estonian one) so I'd like to buy a sim from another Company

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