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Originally Posted by willyvv

Also, anyone know if a US number can be "call-forwarded" to an international SIM number? Are there "hidden" charges to watch out for?
Do you mean a landline? Or do you mean a mobile...

Until February 2004, T Mobile USA used to allow you to call forward from your t mobile US mobile phone to European sims at their then rate of 29?/ was very good. They withdrew that suddenly one day for reasons they have never explained.

All along, verizon on my landline allowed you to callforward from your landline to a foreign sim but until January 2005, you had to set it once and directly from your phone using *72...they had remote call forwarding but would not allow you to set the remote call forwarding to a foreign number. The way around that was to use companies like k1ll8 with 800 numbers although kall8 service was never that reliable.

Beginning in January 2005, verizon on my landline now allows me to use remote call forwarding to set call forwarding to any number in the world via my ld carrier. My ld carrier is AT&T ld....their rates to most European sims is around 35 to 40 cents/minute not terrible but not a bargain however...

at present their rate to forward to a Liechtenstein mobile (such as United Mobile) is 11?/minute which makes it a very enticing method of dealing with this.
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