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Originally Posted by drama queen View Post
I ordered a Tuenti card on-line last Thursday for a forthcoming trip to Spain starting this Wednesday. I gave my hotel as the delivery address. I got confirmation today that it has been delivered. €10 for 1GB. No surcharge for being a foreigner and no problem using my credit card which is not Spanish. It suggested 4-5 days delivery, and it got delivered in 4 including weekend.
Just an update....I arrived in Spain yesterday evening and my Tuenti SIM card was waiting for me at my hotel. There was no problem with the delivery even though I wasn't at the hotel to receive it. I put it into the phone and it is working fine.

The only issue I have is that they seem to be blocking VOIP. My Irish VOIP service is not working over Tuenti. The Tuenti card comes with its own VOIP service - but I haven't tried using it yet. I think when I was last here in 2013 the Tuenti service allowed all VOIP. Not a major problem for me, but some users might need to know.
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