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Default Obtaining a prepaid card from abroad - 25-07-2013, 16:39

Is it possible to obtain an Italian (+39 number) prepaid card that is registered on my name (e.g. no dubious pre-registration offers) without having to see an actual shop or agent in Italy?

I've never registered a mobile number in Italy before but I understand that for initial registration a passport and CF are required. Are there any providers that let you complete the registration process "remotely" e.g. from abroad?

Alternatively, would it be possible for someone else (a friend or relative living in Italy) to obtain a prepaid card on my behalf and have it forwarded to me if I send them a copy of the passport and CF?

Also, I would mainly be using that card in order to receive SMS while abroad (EU), no outgoing calls or data whatsoever. Any suggestions where to look for good offers?

Thanks in advance!
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