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Default the best choice for Prepaid DATA in Italy - which one? - 28-11-2009, 15:54

Hello everyone.

Please recommend me the internet provider in Italy who accept 1 month contract with unlimit internet via USB modem

I tried to search the information on provider pages, but all I have seen is special offers from few months to rarher 2 years.
But I will stay in Italy only 1 month.
Therefore I will need USB modem + 1 month internet.
Two more questions -
1 - if I will have USB modem from Vodafone, does it mean I need buy only Vodafone contract or I can use it with Wind or TIM internet?
2 - if they said 15 min session min.. Does it means that if connection is bad and disconnet after 5 min, they will count 5 min like 15?

Thanks in advance.
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