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Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
Cloud9 resellers also dont charge in addition for call divert, the call cost is worked out based on if you were receiving a call on the network the call ends up at. Ie if you forward to UK landline thats generally free to receive and so is a call forward, UK mobile also free to receive so is call forward. Can generally forward to any international landline free and most mobiles basically!

PS. Just wanted to mention one other thing about Easyroam in that I do not believe that they have the best golden numbers as they advertise on the website says he with +447700000032 as his mobile number...... 079245 and 079246 will shortly be activated on the Cloud9 network, note these two DNIS ranges are NOT MANX ones they are ours, 07924 is not exclusively allocated to Manx as is a common misconception! This will allows many new golden numbers for our resellers, they already have the likes of 07872222222 .....
The first paragraph, it's a pity that one of your resellers didn't appear to have time or patience for the conversation to reach that point.

As for the second, let's just review and calm down about the presence and actions of providers and resellers on here.

In the past, I and and others have occasionally removed defamatory material posted about rival companies. This certainly isn't anything like as bad, but let's not be even tempted to head down the wrong path and indulge petty squabbles like this.

We already knew before your arrival here that not all 07924 numbers were allocated to Manx Telecom; I'm not checking, but it's possible I've said so myself.

I don't want to referee a silly dispute about who has the best phone numbers. As far as I can see at the moment, some websites are listing specific individual numbers they have available, while others do not. If or when the latter have nice numbers available, they might consider advertising the fact themselves, and avoid the temptation to comment on others.

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