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Default 2017 ekit 2017 thread - 19-05-2017, 08:13

This is a message to all current holders of ekit SIMs that they should check on your service and see if it is running as expected.
They have fiddled with terms and expirations and you really do not want any surprises.
In my case I was paying fifty US cents a month to keep a US number alive on six ekit SIMs on three different plans [two each plan].
I did not heed the warning emails thinking that the US number charge would keep the SIMs alive----I believe at one time I was told they would.

Well, they did expire and I had to get a new SIM but they did restore the lost balances.

The plans available are different and only three SIMs are offered in the USA.
Only two on the ekit ebay seller.

So, time for a check up.
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