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Default 28-06-2006, 01:46

You both make valid points. Thanks for adding!

As I noted, my post was just a starter. There have been so many recent questions from various US individuals. I thought it might help to collect the wisdom of the group and PIN the discussion for any future newbies. I also think the community here tries very hard to answer the answerable questions. And of course everyone has their slant.

I am sure, for instance, that both DRN and Andy will have lots of other technology and VOIPs to add to my rather primitive start. I will admit they are light-years ahead of me on those things and I am not competent enough to write about such things.

Remember, the entry was a STARTER.

I don't think I can edit it, but in point 6 instead of

"What out for dealers as they ..." It should be "Watch out for dealers....."


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