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Originally Posted by wolfbln View Post
Btw. what is this postcode and address search for? After all it's a roaming data SIM. When they restrict purchase to the UK and US, it's all right to do so and they need just to specify this. Why do you need a local search engine then?
As far as I could understand F-POP UK is a MVNO on Three UK. Somewhere in their FAQs they mention that they will only sell you when there is Three 3G/4G coverage at your address.

Also it seems to be a data SIM only with voice/texts only working as VoIP over 3G/4G-data or WiFi through their App. In the FAQs they mention that the SIM comes with two phone numbers. The mobile one printed somewhere on the SIM non operational. And the other working one on the F-POP App.
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