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Originally Posted by wolfbln View Post
Btw. what is this postcode and address search for? After all it's a roaming data SIM. When they restrict purchase to the UK and US, it's all right to do so and they need just to specify this. Why do you need a local search engine then? Do they have quotas for every state in the US or county in Britain? Such a search engine only makes sense if you have a locally restricted product within the US or UK. But the restriction works much more effectively by the issuing countries of the accepted credit/debit cards and required delivery address.
I doubt that there is any regional quota within a country, though when I ordered the previous SIM some wording on the website did sound a bit like that, enter post code to check eligibility (maybe they just meant coverage).

When I said post code and address search, I wasn't really thinking of those points. Here it's just a short cut method of entering the address on an order form.

In the UK a post code defines a smaller local area than in say Germany. On most websites I would enter it and press a button, then get a drop-down list of 6 named houses in this small road. Other people might get 15 or 20 house numbers.
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