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200 MB per month roaming data for free sounds good.
Problem is that only US- and UK-citizens are allowed to enlist in effect.
Not only a UK or US postal address is required, but you have to submit credit card data for the purchase and for possible overuse. I suspect it needs to be a UK- or US-issued card.
FreedomPop has always promised to open up in new countries, but they stay away from every country that has a registration scheme for SIM cards.
The Mifi is somewhat strange: it only has US-LTE frequencies on it, but FreedomPop advertises with LTE in Europe.
The SIM card is going to be sold for $/£10. This time there seem to be no hidden fees.
More roaming data will be available for pay: 500 MB for $/£10. For comparison the new roaming cap in the EU will be at €25 for 500 MB plus taxes plus the domestic data rate.

So it's a good rate. The best around for an international SIM card right now. But available only for 5% of the world population living in the US or UK. Btw many UK users are still waiting for months for their domestic SIM. Isn't a bit daring to launch a new product in the meantime?

Your "mom and dad" enterprise has raised $50 million for this SIM I wonder what happens when they are gone???

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