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Default Credit Card vs. PayPal exchange rates - 16-04-2014, 21:05

I am wondering if anyone has experience or an educated guess
at which might have a more advantageous exchange rate for people in the USA?

In the US most credit cards companies charge a 1% fee above whatever they charge for the exchange rate.
Capital One and Discover do NOT charge this 1% fee.
1. So does anyone have any knowledge about how PayPal handles foreign exchange?
2. Does anyone know which of the three have better foreign exchange rates in general?

And the outfit I wish to make a purchase from?
If you ride trains in Europe--keep reading. I wish to make a purchase from a UK website.
{The link will forward to a different URL which is an enhanced order processing
site compared to their original site.
I expect it will maintain the URL in a few weeks or months when things get spiffed up.}
This is the publisher who has succeeded Thomas Cook's publishing of the famous railroad timetable.
[I am giving these details in case you did not know TC got out of the publishing business
and who has taken over the RRTT business.]
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