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Question Best prepaid for 1 day internet on iPhone - 31-07-2012, 13:34

Hi everyone. It's nice to be here, this is a great audience. Need some help, hope you guys can assist me on something:

I'm an airline pilot.

I usually layover paris/france for 24, 36 hours, hardly 2 days.
i bought an Orange prepaid card, and i tried to activate some internet 2 day plan, but it took 48 hours to activate that!! (i was home by the time it was activated)...

And what i need is something close to the T-Mobile plans in the US: pay per day, internet unrestricted, even in low speeds.

I need something that allows me to use internet, Edge or 3G, on my iPhone (that is already unlocked of course), in a pay-per-day system.

Can someone help me find any solutions? I'm leaving tonight to Paris and i'd appreciate some tricks regarding that.

Best regards,
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