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Default Thinkpad & iPhone travelling thru Europe & Canada: Prepaid GSM & Data HELP! - 23-06-2011, 04:50

Thinkpad & iPhone travelling thru Europe & Canada: Prepaid GSM & Data HELP!
Thinkpad+iPhone thru Europe+Canada: PrepaidGSM & Data HELP
Thinkpad & iPhone travel thru Europe & Canada: Prepaid GSM & Data Help

I’ll be traveling through
Europe (24th June – 8th July), mostly Germany (Berlin, Bad Antogast) but maybe entering Europe via Brussels, Belgium etc.
Canada (8th July – 17th July), mostly Montreal
Frankfurt (18th – 19th July).

I have an unlocked & jailbroken iPhone 4 & Thinkpad T61 & X61T. (If not MicroSIM, I have cutter, but do mention)

What would be my best options for? : Hardware & Service Providers.

Prepaid GSM:
Calling & SMS Rates for > Local, Across Europe, International (India, US, Canada) Numbers:

Data/Internet access via iPhone:
Data (GPRS/EDGE/3G?):
via iPhone
Options of Unlimited Data/ Fixed amount Limited Data/ or Weekly Unlimited/ Daily Unlimited data.. etc?

Internet Access via Laptop:

Option 1:
3G/4G Unlocked Data Card + SIM for Data Access via Laptop:
Which are best Data Cards for Europe – Internal (Thinkpad) or External (USB/PCMCIA/Express)


Option 2:
If a pre-paid SIM provides access to 3G/4G data via tethering with iPhone 4 (I can install iPhone tethering enablers from Cydia etc & Configure the IPCCs if the right app or tutorial is pointed out).
This saves me having to buy a Data Card. Also, I’ll have lesser time to access my laptop so via iPhone is the best option.

Please guide for mainly Germany & Canada even if you don’t know all of the above. Whatever you know / understand.

ALSO: Any Navigation/ GPS App recommendations for Europe welcome.. But not critical
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