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Default Usage experience - 08-11-2018, 16:21

I just want to post a recent usage experience - I was in London for 1 day and in Lagos, Nigeria for 9 days. All through the trip, I had my AT&T sim forwarded to the US number associated with sim. Incoming calls received were clear. No issue hearing the other party and vice-versa. All in all, I probably received about 20 calls total. As expected, there was not a charge for any of the incoming calls (did NOT make any outgoing calls on it). Of course, I get charged the monthly $0.50 for the US number.

Please note - The sim has no voicemail associated with it. So, it just gives a busy tone, if the phone happens to be off. I did have a few people try to reach me during the rare occasions that I had my phone off. Phone was on for the most part 24/7. Caller ID was also passed for every single call I received. I was using a Xiaomi Mi mix 2 phone. With Piranha in sim 2, and My Nigeria sim in sim 1. Bottom line - my experience with the sim was positive.

Phones: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Samsung Galaxy A50, ASUS zenfone 3,
Sim cards: AT&T (Contract), 3 UK, Piranha Mobile
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