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Originally Posted by international View Post
I mean, I don't really know how you activate a UK prepaid SIM card in general, besides topping it up. I know it is not tied to an ID verification, like in other countries, where the activation means you at least call the operator and tell her you ID number and address.

What is the process for the UK?
In the UK, there's usually no activation process for a prepaid SIM card. The SIM card becomes activated as soon as you put it into a phone. There are no identity requirements whatsoever. Giffgaff is slightly different because the SIM card doesn't become active until you top up by £10 and you first need to create a giffgaff online user account, given that your SIM card is managed only online. If you obtain your SIM card from an existing customer (for example from me), then you will get £5 additional credit in addition to the £10 top-up, giving you a £15 balance for the price of £10.
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