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Default Traveling to 3 countries in Europe, which SIM is best? - 10-07-2013, 00:28

Hello friends,

I am heading to Europe next week, travelling for 2 weeks, starting in France to Netherlands, Spain, then back to France.

My partner and I will be staying in each city for 3-4 days max, and we'd like to use our phones to keep in contact with each other in case we get lost (minimal minutes needed), and use data to look up maps and various websites. We would need to get micro SIMs for our phones.

In this case which company should I go with for the SIM? I've read about Orange, Simyo & Lebara, and it looks like the latter two operate in all 3 countries we're visiting, but I can't find anything that discusses any fees for data roaming. I see that Vodafone has a good deal as well, but since we won't be visiting UK or Italy, it would probably be difficult to get a SIM activated.

Thanks so much for your help!

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