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Default Not worth it for 4-day visit to Amsterdam? - 26-03-2015, 04:01

Will be in Amsterdam towards the end of April.

No tethering for iOS and even if it was allowed, the data bundles are 1 GB at most and go to a higher rate after you hit the cap.

Last year, my US T-Mobile SIM got .10 Mbps, enough for Google Maps and some other light connectivity.

Instead of going to a mobile shop, I got a Lebara SIM from some guy in front of a currency exchange window along the Damrak.

He said I could probably get LTE but in fact, the speeds were as poor as the T-Mobile SIM which was roaming internationally.

So wary of buying Lebara again, even from "official" stores. On the Lebara site, it shows the SIM being available at Albert Heijn supermarkets in the center but that may not be micro SIMs. At least the guy last year cut it to micro SIM.

Probably make do with roaming for the short trip I guess.
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