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Default T-Mobile Austria - 18-10-2013, 12:57

I am visiting Austria and I ended up going with T-Mobile.

Process was pretty painless. I was able to figure out the plans using Google Chrome to translate the website from German.

For 9.90 Euros I was able to buy a pre-paid SIM card on the MEGAKLAX plan. For 14.90 euros they offer the SMARTKLAX plan, which is the same except you get 2,000 minutes & 2,000 MB of data.

It has:
1,000 free minutes to all networks inside Austria, while inside Austria.
1,000 free SMS to Austrian phones while inside Austria.
1,000 MB data while inside Austria

I went into the store and the person understood English so it was quite easy. I had written down that I wanted a MEGAKLAX SIM card. Paid my 9.90 euro. Stuck it in the phone and typed in the unlock code and it worked. It can be used as a Full-size SIM (not sure anyone uses that size anymore), Mini-SIM (most common) and Micro-SIM. I don't know if they offer Nano-SIM.

T-Mobile $30 "Wal-mart plan". Unlimited data & text. 100 voice minutes per month.

Europe 2013 vacation:
Piranha-Mobile and Truphone plus the following
AT: T-Mobile, CZ: Tesco Mobile, DE: Lidl & Toggle Mobile, DK: Telia & Toggle Mobile, ES: Toggle Mobile, FR: Orange & Toggle Mobile, HU: T-Mobile, SE: Telenor & Toggle Mobile
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