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Default Registering a Greek prepaid SIM - 26-04-2010, 13:50

i went into a Germanos shop to register my 2 Cosmokarte SIMs. Very casual. Guy writes down the numbers on a piece of paper, takes the passport copy I brought with me, and that's it he said - wasn't asked to sign anything and no computer input.

Fine. Except that the next day I get a reminder SMS that by law I have to register this SIM. So did he do it, forget, or just chuck the paper in the bin?

Does anyone know a way of checking if a SIM is registered - via the Cosmote website for example? Maybe I'll just have to do it again.

Also went to a Wind shop to register my F2G SIM. They entered the details into their computer and printed lots of stuff for me to sign, as is usual in Greece. But I had to stop him automatically 'upgrading' my old F2G SIM to a 'new prepaid' one - which would have lost me the data offer mentioned here previously. Something to watch out for.
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