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Default 29-04-2006, 18:33

I'd say any of those with free inbound will work fine in those countries. If friend expects to receive majority of calls -- for FREE, then that will be fine.

OTOH, if he plans on doing lots of local calling out while IN COUNTRY (ie IT to IT), the friend might want local SIM cards; they will probably be cheaper. Or he might consider a callback service.

There are seveal other posts where similar questions are posed. If the friend is heavy into SMSing, then that will be a factor. Again, local card will probably be cheaper. Who wants to spend 49 e-cents per SMS message? My son with a postpay contract has 1000 messages (in & out, mind you) on TMO USA for $9,99 per month and uses ~650 per month. Now let's say half are in and half are outbound. @ 49 e-cents per 325 outbound messages, that is ~$200 per month for SMSing. Ouch!

True answer is that the lowest price will depend on the exact nature of usage.


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