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Originally Posted by BenSenise View Post
hi all, my first post.
i am looking at the Spanish Orange Prepay SIM for roaming in Europe. Their GoEurope data offering is clear: 100MB for €1 valid for 24h in 36 countries.

Their voice calling offer is far from clear.

The €1 for 60 min valid 24h offere is good for calls to Spain. That much is clear.

The Spanish pages of say that this rate is also good for calls within the country you are in (e.g. calls from france to france) but the english page doesn't specify; it just says "calls in 36 countries" for €1/60min/24h.

i spoke with customer service in spain and also had a chat session on and what they are telling me smells a bit like what comes out of the back of a bull. they both said that calls from france to france (or any other EU country combo) first go to spain and that costs the €1 PLUS the cost for a call from spain to the destination country and the two reps even gave me different prices for that. the web shows different prices still.

is there anyone here who can say from first hand experience, what it costs to call a number in france when you are in france? or france to germany or any EU country to any EU country.
Hello BenSenise,

First of all I must say, that I`ve not used the service "Orange Prepay SIM for roaming in Europe".

I´ve been reading the conditions carefully and the conditions for calls are as follows:

1. It costs 1,00 euro/day from the moment you receive/make a call and this charge is valid for 24 hours.
2. Minutes included: 60 (both calls made/received)
3. Included 60 minutes can be used to call: Spain, local calls within the country (EU, Island, Liechtenstein and Norway) and calls to other EU countries and also to receive calls.
4. Should you recieve/make calls beyond the 60 minute limit, Orange would charge another euro and 60 more minutes would be available.

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