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Originally Posted by Shermanclogs View Post
I have been getting a lot of OOPS, this link appears to be broken responses lately, and not just from this site. Im just trying to find some commonality. Anyone else getting this? Not just for this site?

Im using IE 7.
Any insight would be appreciated
You're using a browser which is so outdated I can only guess that you're still using Windows XP, which is no longer supported and no longer receiving security updates. You shouldn't be using either to access the internet, and any problems you're getting (and I'm sure there will be more) are a result of this. If you can't afford a new computer, I highly suggest installing Linux (an alternative operating system) and using that to access the internet. Lubuntu is a version of Linux designed to run on older computers.

The above said, this is totally off-topic. This isn't the place to discuss your computer problems. I'd advise seeking help from someone locally if you need it.
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