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Thumbs down Go-SIM is a scam - 04-09-2010, 09:26

My name is Gabriel, and I’m VERY DISSAPOINTED about GO-SIM services.

First off all, I made an order last year - Order GS1256568 (19/08/2009), for a Manager's Offer and air time, but I never received it. I need it before a travel to UK and I ask them to send it directly to my accommodation place from UK. By the time they replied me and requested a verification of my billing address I was already in UK and was unable to send them this verification. Normally I expected to be refunded but this never happened.

Giving this situation and hoping this time the issue will be solved, I made another purchase this year – order GS12112635 (28/07/2010). I thought this time they will send me the last year sim card and the one ordered this year, or at least giving me a solution for this situation. This time I send them all the requested documents for verification: copy after the CC, copy after my ID, copy after my bank account statement, copy after utility bill. Also I contacted the support team through live response system and……nothing. I came back from holiday and I still NOT received the sim’s. How is this possible Mr. David Agar (GO-SIM's CEO)?

From my point of view I was double-crossed twice and Go-SIM is a scam. DON’T BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!

Please excuse my English, because is not my mother tongue language.
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