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I doubt that it's worth the bother of buying a local SIM for a 2-3 days stay in Israel.
The SIM easiest to obtain is the YouPhone SIM, sold at many (but not all) post offices, as well as at the Mega supermarkets and Alon gas stations. the starter kit costs NIS 49 (USD 14) and includes 150 "units" - each unit being 1 minute national talk time (counted by seconds), one text message or 1 MB data (AFAIK in 10 kB units). The downside is that for international calling you will have to choose one of 8 carriers, and there are no top up plans intended for international calling. Of course, incoming calls are free, and you can use the data allowance for skype or any other VoIP service. The same is true for prepaid services by other carriers.
Most, but not all, cellular carriers have similar plans. Use the Israel page on this site to find the links, and use Google or Microsoft translation services to find up to date information.
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