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Default How are Irish phone # made? - 09-04-2016, 01:09

Hi there,
I'm Italian but I currently live in the US. I'm going to move to Ireland and I was trying to find information about the way phone numbers are made.

For instance, in Italy, if a number starts with 3 you know that it's a cellphone (334, 345, 389, 340 etc...) and if it starts with 0 you know it's landline and you know where are you calling (02 is Milan, 030 is Brescia, 06 is Rome etc...) or here, in the States, you "potentially" know where are you calling (617 is Boston, 216 is Cleveland, 213 is Chicago, 212 is NYC and so on).
Plus, number have a "structure" like area code + 3 digits + 4 digits.
If I call (617)-xxx-yyyy I am "potentially" calling Boston. There are website to find out the carrier you are calling.
The same applies to Italy (you can find out which carrier you are calling).

I was wondering how phone numbers are made in Ireland. If landlines are different from cellphones and if there's a way to know which carrier you're calling.

Thank you!
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