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Default Two Good Options - 18-01-2016, 03:21

Originally Posted by samoht View Post
Only used for calls thanks.
Piranha costs $17.11 with a 5.00 Credit.
I believe shipping is included.
In Spain, making a call is 0.12, receiving a call is 0.06 US.
In Spain calling the US is the same rates.
The US number is great for people to call you assuming they have
no charge long distance if you do not get a local area code which
you should be able to get. [I have a Piranha SIM with a local area code so
that should not be an issue for you.]

I have no qualms to reccomend it to you.
That it can use the four Spanish networks is a great thing.
That you can test the SIM in the US at home is also a nice thing.

Another option is Truphone.
It also has a US phone number.
You should be able to get a local to you area code.
Calling in Spain is $0.09 per min. Receiving calls in Spain is free.
So people could call you [hopefully for free] and you would be able to answer for free.
Calling from Spain to the US are the same rates.
This SIM can be used/used up in the USA also.
Cost is $30 with $15 credit.
No indication on what networks it uses.
For that reason I would encourage use of Piranha.

I have both SIMs and they both pretty much do what they claim to do.
By getting one you will know what US number you have before hand to give
to people that really need to be able to contact you.
You can also know that the phone/SIM combination works before you leave.
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