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Default Buying WIND Sim in Dolomites and other questions concerning Italy - 10-02-2009, 23:01

Hi there

I'm going skiing next week - I'm going to Val di Fassa in Italy. Recently I've started thinking about some cheap way to communicate with the rest of my family in Poland. Since Polish Zloty's value decreased significantly because of the crisis, I am looking for the CHEAP solutions.

First of all - the Italian rates are horrid. Man, it's expensive there! And what's with the set-up fee? Italy is weird

But enough for the rabmlings. There are my question:

Can you buy a Wind SIM in the Val di Fassa (preferably Moena)? Is the SIM active instantly after the purchase?

Is the Call Your Country option really free to activate within 24h from SIM activation? How do I do it (I speak no Italian)?

What happens to the WIND SIM after 11 moths from the last refill? Is it dead for good, or can it be 'reincarnated'? Can you refill the WIND online?

Can you buy a Auchan Mobile or Telepass SIM in the Val di Fassa?

OMG, I've just discovered that TIM international calls have no set-up fee, so the TIM is cheaper. They have really expensive SMSes, though.
So, please consider my question about buying and using WIND prepaid as questions concerning WIND and TIM tariffs. Is TIM's Welcome Home offer free of activation charge?

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