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Default Time too short to risk too much. - 01-11-2010, 19:10

Originally Posted by PeterGene View Post
I'm leaving for Asia in 1 week from the Uk, to travel for a few months, first in Nepal and India, then not sure. I have a little computer support job (maybe one or two calls incoming per week from the UK).
What i need is a solution where people in the UK can call a UK number (i.e. not expensive for them) and i can receive the calls in Asia at the lowest cost.
I'm thinking about getting a truphone Sim and possibly switching my current vodafone number to it. I'm worried though that the truphone or other world sims may not have the same network access as my current vodafone.
With only one week to go, I think it would be very risky to try to switch a number to a roaming SIM in only one week and hope it works. Also with only one week to go to get the SIM you will be using is risking not getting it in time.
1. The second message suggest getting a numbering forwarding service. This is a good idea because whatever SIM you forward to will/should work and perhaps your best option will to be getting a local SIM in one of the places you visit.
2. I suggest you shop around in the NEXT 24 hours for an international SIM card with the best price for INDIA [seems to be the most expensive country by far] Find out now what your Vodaphone rates are in the countries you will be visiting in case that will be an option or an only option of the first option you use in a country before you can get a local card and set #1 above to work for it. You will probably want to test the options to make sure they will work also.

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking. But I stronly suggest the forwarding service---and you will need to notify your customers of its number sooner rather than later.

Good luck. And tell us how it goes.

[Truphone's India rates are not low, but better than most.]

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