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Originally Posted by Kritiker View Post
I have been offered a Fonic SIM card that has already been activated/registered and still has some time left on it.

I understand that registering a Fonic SIM card the first time doesn't require a German bank account anymore (discussed earlier in this thread) or the provision of a passport or ID card (does purchasing it in a store?) but the Fonic besitzerwechsel form still seems to require both the German bank account and eine Kopie des Reisepasses oder Personalausweises, a copy of a passport or ID card, for an ownership change. This last is an unacceptable practice to a North American. No telephone company gets that documentation from me!

What difficulties are there in leaving the ownership data as is, assuming the previous owner doesn't care? All I really need, AFAIK, is to change the caller-id that is displayed when I call people?

Any other gotchas? Thanks.
When you buy the card in a shop they write down the data from your ID or passport. This is obligatory in germany to buy any SIM card from any provider.

however if someone sells his already activated card you can use it without any problems. If you now trigger a roadside bomb with the card the former owner will get questioned by the police, not you...

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