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Default Ownership Change Requirements for Fonic SIM card - 08-06-2011, 13:13

I have been offered a Fonic SIM card that has already been activated/registered and still has some time left on it.

I understand that registering a Fonic SIM card the first time doesn't require a German bank account anymore (discussed earlier in this thread) or the provision of a passport or ID card (does purchasing it in a store?) but the Fonic besitzerwechsel form still seems to require both the German bank account and eine Kopie des Reisepasses oder Personalausweises, a copy of a passport or ID card, for an ownership change. This last is an unacceptable practice to a North American. No telephone company gets that documentation from me!

What difficulties are there in leaving the ownership data as is, assuming the previous owner doesn't care? All I really need, AFAIK, is to change the caller-id that is displayed when I call people?

Any other gotchas? Thanks.

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