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Originally Posted by Lag View Post
I'm in Europe for 4 weeks (Greece, Germany, Italy, France, and Netherlands), I'm after some advice on which pre paid data SIM I should buy? I'm currently in Greece, I spoke to a lady at an electronics shop who said she could sell me a Cosmote SIM for 35 euros which included 12gb and suposibly works all over Europe. Is this correct, or is there a better option? Or should I wait until I get to Germany? I can do without and just use wifi in Greece.

I'm going to scandanavia after Europe, will this SIM work there as well?
The EU and EEA countries have "roam like at home" since June 2017.
Not all providers comply completely, but Cosmote in Greece seems to do it.
For details about the regulation, the strings attached and the countries included check:

Germany has become one of the rather tricky countries to activate a prepaid SIM for a visitor. It's still possible, but check the situation in my comment here or in

Both countries Greece and Germany belong to the more expensive countries within Europe. So pricewise it doesn't make a big difference where you buy your SIM, in Greece or Germany.

The Scandinavian countries should be included as they belong either to the EU or EEA. There, data are much cheaper. But for this very reason, roam like at home is more severly restricted.
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