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Originally Posted by DaveRo View Post
I got more SMSes from Cosmote warning me to register or get suspended so I went to an OTE shop this time and registered again.
I assume that the people in the original Germanos shop just didn't know what to do but wouldn't admit it. They assumed that they could do it later and then found that they couldn't.
I just noticed that you replied while I was writing my reply and I can't edit it anymore.

The people in the original Germanos shop, most probably knew what to do but I guess it's more important for them to sell contracts and phones than use their opening hours time for registration. I know it happens in many stores in all three providers.

I hope you won't be double registered because it's more than certain that they will enter your registration details later (I suppose it won't happen though, because they will see on their online system that this number is already registered).

Originally Posted by DaveRo View Post
Also went to a Wind shop to register my F2G SIM. They entered the details into their computer and printed lots of stuff for me to sign, as is usual in Greece. But I had to stop him automatically 'upgrading' my old F2G SIM to a 'new prepaid' one - which would have lost me the data offer mentioned here previously. Something to watch out for.
Good catch! They try to "upgrade" most people to the "New Prepaid Card" which means that you will automatically lose the 1.5GB free data. To be on the safe side, you could call 1269 and listen the message till the end where it informs you about the prepaid tariff your card has.
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