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Default 27-04-2010, 11:39

I register a Cosmote card in Germanos and a Wind F2G card in a Wind store last December. In both cases, I had to sign two documents (the ones you mentioned in a previous post about Vodafone), and the whole procedure was done into their computer databases (i.e., they entered my details immediately on their databases, they didn't just took a photocopy of the documents).

But I'm reading reports that lately (and depending on the store or the employee) due to big increase of the registrations, some stores are just taking photocopies of the documents and they register your details later (later=1-2 weeks) when they have some free time. Even if this is quite "safe" procedure, personally I would demand for the registration and signing to be done on my presence and not later.

Regarding the confirmation, upon successful registration, Cosmote sent me an SMS but not Wind (even if they registered the card successfully). I read the same happens with other subscribers. Cosmote sends a confirmation SMS but Wind don't. To be on the safe side, I would suggest to call Wind CC to confirm the registration but only after a week or two.
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