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Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
Is that per month?
Is this an MVNO?
Are top ups easy to get?
No. Iliad is a MNO. Italy got a new 4th network with Iliad this summer after the merger between Tre and Wind was approved. Iliad uses mostly TreWind's antennas through RAN sharing.

Iliad started a new price war in Italy by predatory princing. The 3 or 4 other providers had to react and offer the lowest prepaid rates in Western Europe right now. But lots of them come with strings attached.

Many providers limit the max. data volume given out roaming in another EU country according to EU regulations. About Iliad, users have diverging opinions. The current WindTre and Iliad networks are very uneven developed in the various regions of the country. TIM and Vodafone are generally more reliable in Italy. Both of them have launched own budget brands with Kena and ho mobile for a slightly higher rate.

Iliad's performance is now a bit better after many start-up problems. But for international use outside of Italy, it's still not a good option. They only give out a small share of the plan without surcharges, route traffic via France and don't offer 4G/LTE in roaming yet. And important to know that Iliad doesn't offer classic prepaid, but only rolling contracts that can be terminated any month like the parent company Free in France. These contracts can be easily bought by foreigners in Italy at their automated kiosks called Simbox.

For details about the Italian market, check the Prepaid Data Wiki about Italy.
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