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Originally Posted by svenn View Post
Just order it put it in your phone and enjoy
Please don't give hints which will give headache to the user. Delivery to Greece takes 2 to 8 days. They will probably not stay 8 days in the same place and wait all the time inside that place for the delivery (couriers never tell the exact time and if you are not there, they postpone the delivery to other day, again without telling the exact hour). And how will somebody from Australia top-up a SIM which can only be topped up using an UK credit card? And then the SIM only allows 3G roaming and no tethering. 3G networks are being dismanteled slowly in Europe. They are slow and have each day smaller coverage.

There is a page with excellent explanation of the EU free roaming:

And for the SIMs that can be bought in Greece. The page explains which ones work in the whole EU:

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