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Default Well, 60 days was the start of August.......... - 21-08-2017, 21:20

Originally Posted by powerlifter View Post
I was reading I think on Flyer Talk that you can't roam more than 60 days in a year without returning to the UK.
Is that still true? @rfanzq On the T&C that you posted it stated that the sim had to be activated in the UK.
Will activating it here in the US nullify the sim?
The SIM was activated in California on May 31.
82 days since activation. I have not left California.
I have sent a lot of SMS to UK and USA [& a few to a Philippine]SIMs.
I have not used data. I think I made some calls to UK SIMs that I have.
I think I might have made 1 call unintentionally to a USA phone number--
--a mistake on my part- since they charge £1.40 for that.

I don't think I am abusing the SIM.
I bought it mainly for testing.
I think if one were traveling to the UK or Europe it is a viable choice.
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