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That's exactly why I took the effort to check every single European operator. There are some:
- where roaming is blocked
- where surcharges have been granted by the regulator
- where you need a special registration for roaming
- where you are technically downgraded (only 3G for instance)
- where a volume FUP is applied (only part of a package is given out at the domestic rate)
- where a time FUP may be applied (against pernanent roaming. This is still in the balance, as the regulation is only enforced for 2 months now).

That's why I can only advise to check the Data Wiki before when you want to buy a SIM card and use it in another EU country. We are now very up to date when it comes to EU roaming restrictions in all EU/EEA countries.
Of course, we are still waiting for feedback about the time restrictions, but they will kick in after at least 4 months of permanent roaming. So there is no experience about that yet.

For your SFR La Carte in France it states for example: EU roaming
Note that you can only roam for voice and SMS on a SFR La Carte at domestic rates abroad. All international data roaming is now disabled for SFR prepaid customers.

Other restrictions apply to other operators in France too. There is hardly one country where "roam like at home" applies without any restrictions or FUPs to all operators. Nevertheless, it has been adopted by most of them. EU roaming charges plummeted (from €10 per GB to around €3-6/GB) while roaming traffic has surged this summer.

After all, it can be seen as a success, but the situation has not become much clearer as hoped by many as every provider still goes its own way within the regulation and some still outside.

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